BIM Conception

Building Information Modeling is revolutionizing the way buildings, infrastructure and technical networks are planned, designed, created and managed.


What is BIM technology?

BIM is a process that involves the creation and use of an intelligent 3D model to make better decisions about a project and communicate them. BIM solutions enable teams to design, visualize, simulate, and collaborate more easily throughout the project lifecycle. BIM technology makes it easier to reach the goals of a project and the company.

For a 3D OBJECT to be really effective, it must meet several conditions:

  • To be PARAMETRIC, that is to be able to be resized while preserving its semantics product.
  • It must then be INTEROPERABLE in order to be read by the main software of the designers.
  • The more data it has, the more value it will add to the DIGITAL MAQUETTE.

Specialized Solutions

BIM technology delivers the right information to the right people at the right time, helping businesses innovate and be more competitive. Autodesk’s full-featured BIM portfolio provides enhanced workflows for most projects.

Modeling with REVIT

Revit is an architecture software published by the American company Autodesk that allows to create a 3D model of a building to create various documents necessary for its construction (plan, perspective,).

Revit is a CAD software, a multi-business software for building professionals (architects, engineers, technicians, draughts men and contractors, …).


The architecture firm ATD has specialized in the restoration of all types of monuments. A universe where the 3D model allows us to develop all our creativity.

“The tool and digital mockup using BIM technology is a means of endless communication. The generation of realistic panoramas gives us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the model and thus better understand the scope of the work to be done on such a project. ”

– Nour Khalifa, ATD Engineer

PREVIT presentation (AutoDesk 2015)

From a REVIT plan To 3D maquette